Authors FAQ

How is the republication fee calculated?
When you submit an article you decide what the republication fee will be. We bill the publication and keep 20 percent to fund the operation. (The Authors Center is not-for-profit.)

Who can read the article?
Anyone visiting the site can read the article. If you submit it in Acrobat you can protect against downloading, saving, and or printing. If you submit it in html or ascii anyone can cut and paste or print.

Are there any plans to charge readers as well as publishers?
As the system develops we will add eBook versions of articles to the mix. In this case no one can read the article without paying. But in this first stage the aim is to serve the republication market.

How can I protect my articles from unauthorized republication?
The best way is to save them as Acrobat .pdf files with security locks on saving and printing. (Of course, this doesn't protect against someone retyping the article while reading from the screen!)

What information do you need?
Be sure to include date and place of first publication, title, author, and fee schedule, if any.

Where do I send the articles?
Email them to